About Lana Luise Hill

Smile Ambassador & Survivor of Eating Disorders

When I was a child, I dreamed of being famous. Now that I’m older and have been through thick and thin, I dream that my smile and stories will have a lasting impact on those around me.

All of high school I spent battling anorexia. Then my years at University were spent dealing with a binge eating disorder. During my time battling with a binge eating disorder, there was a message a professor shared with me, that to this day is one of the best lessons I’ve been taught…

When you wake up not feeling your best, get out of bed anyway. Go through your usual morning routine. Fix your hair and dress in one of your favourite outfits. Before you leave for the day, take a deep breath and smile at yourself in the mirror. You may find, that the illness you felt coming on, will find it’s way out of you around the same time that smile comes across your face.

I had to walk myself through these steps for 3 years since after a night of binging, you tend not to wake up feeling your best. Today, even though I no longer suffer from anorexia or binge eating, I still make sure to smile at not just myself, but the first person I see in the morning. I find it makes the day better and brighter, even on the rainy ones.

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