Smiles are contagious… be a carrier.

2020 is a year to remember for everyone I think. Coronavirus reminded us just how human we are and how quickly things can change.

Being in a state where we are currently experiencing no new COVID cases, things are slowly finding their way back into a normal routine, giving us the opportunity to talk (in-person, can you believe it) about our experiences during this rather unique time.

After many conversations about social distancing feelings, I learned that I wasn’t the only one who felt most alone when strangers on the side walk, moved to the street to avoid coming anywhere close to me. It was the right thing to do, but it was also challenging emotionally to be avoided like you are a walking disease when you know you are not.

What made this better was when a stranger would SMILE as they moved to the side. When someone smiled at me or said a little ‘hello’ from a far, I felt like a their teammate, in this with them to help get the country through a tough time.

Without that smile from the stranger, I was uncomfortable. with the situation, but with a smile I felt united! What a difference a smile can make, am I right?

I’m not in this alone! I’ve spoken to a number of friends and people in my network who could not agree more. Regardless if it was a moment on the sidewalk or social distancing at the grocery store – it made a difference to their day if someone took the time to connect with them through a smile or wave.

Social distancing isn’t the normal for most of us. It’s uncomfortable for many of us as we are used to shaking hands, hugging and sharing stories at an intimate table over coffee. What makes it feel less uncomfortable is small gestures to show you still care.

For those in the USA wearing face masks, your smile doesn’t go unnoticed! A smile shows in the whole face, in the eyes and through your overall body language. So just because your mouth is covered, does not mean you can’t use a SMILE to make a difference in your neighbours day.

Who’s life could you make better today by sharing your smile with them?