My eating disorder was complicated. It started with a low carb diet and ended with uncontrollable binging. In between those times I was anorexic, working myself to unhealthy limits, and trying regularly to be bulimic. I feel like I have been through it all when it comes to eating disorders. I have been entirely too thin and a hundred pounds more than what was my medically healthy weight. I have been depressed, insecure, and the person who used food to comfort her. As I said, I have been there!

I’d like to say I’m recovered, but who truly has it together when it comes to food? If you do, GO YOU! There would not be many of you.

 In a way, I have ‘recovered,’ but I’m far from perfect with my eating and work-out habits. However, I no longer starve myself, try to throw up, or binge. I am happy with my body and who I am. I am even happy about what I have been through when it comes to my past with disorders. I am glad it happened to me, because if it hadn’t, I would not be sitting here writing this blog for you to learn from!

You may wonder why I started a blog that was so focused on something I’ve overcome? Well, I realized it was time to start talking about my story and sharing it with whomever would listen, when someone who I thought was my friend, right in front of me, spoke badly about a girl who had an eating disorder. She went on and on about her doing it for attention. At the time, I wasn’t open about my eating disorder so I realized getting mad was pointless. It would just give her something to talk about tomorrow. However, would she have truly understood that eating disorders are a true mental illness like any addiction, I know she wouldn’t have said what she did.

For weeks I let her words get to me. I kept thinking, if she only knew how hard it is to eat or let yourself gain a pound once your in that mind set and addicted to the illness. I wanted to call her up and start lecturing, but I knew lecturing her would only help one person understand. I decided my time would be better spent informing everyone and anyone who would listen.

So here is my chance to tell someone else what I chose not to tell her that day. Don’t judge those with an eating disorder. You may not ever understand them and that is okay, but you may be able to help by being a friend to them – because an eating disorder can be very lonely.

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