Mirror, My Frenemy

If you think about it, mirrors are a lot like people. Annoyingly so actually!

Some mirrors make you feel great about yourself, while others make you want to throw things at them. Like people, we often continue to hang around them, even if they bring out the worst in us.

What if you went all day walking around with someone who brings out your best side? You would most likely spend the day laughing and loving life right? It would be no different if you walked around with a mirror that made you look thin and somehow turned your imperfect skin, into a flawless face.
The other day I told a friend “I knew it was going to be a rough day the minute I couldn’t get my hair to cooperate this morning!” And guess what? It turned out to be a rough day. However, I doubt it would have been half the struggle of a day would I have not left the house feeling like a “hot mess!”

One of my professors from Oklahoma City University once told me: if you are not feeling well, you should get up, put on your make up, and get ready for the day anyway. After you have attempted to treat it like any other day, if you still don’t feel well, then go home or to a doctor. But if you immediately put on sweats and begin moping through the day, you will never give yourself a chance to feel well.

Out of all of the hundred of lectures that professor gave me, that may be the only one I know I will never forget. Because she is right! She did miss one tiny detail in her speech though. You can get as dressed up and plaster as much make up on as you want, but until you look yourself in the eye and feel your body radiate with confidence and strength, you won’t always be able to pull yourself out of a slump.

Life’s hard…and it’s not really all that fair! However, if you do your best to find one positive thing about yourself in every mirror, maybe life can be that much more enjoyable.

Car mirrors, depending on the lighting, always seem to play the role of my best friend or my enemy. They are never in-between. Some days, the mirror seems to be zooming in on my un-plucked eyebrows or the zit on my chin I didn’t even know was there. Other days, the light shines on me so perfectly that I conceitedly want to pull over and just give myself five minutes to glance over the complexion my face is showing off that day.

But, about five months ago, I realized something as I applied my lipstick before hoping out of my car to go to work. A small freckle, out of nowhere, just randomly appeared on my lip. At first, I was confused and thought it was a crumb of some sort, but after a minute of poking at it, I realized it wasn’t going anywhere. With time, I have come to realize, unless I look really closely in any inside mirror, I never see that freckle. It’s not noticeable and hardly findable. But when I’m in the car, I can’t miss it! I love knowing I have a sweet little beauty mark on my lip that no one ever usually sees!

With that being said, I can always find something great about myself in any car mirror, no matter what the time of day it is or the direction the sun is beaming on me.

I’m far from finding the good in every mirror, but I am much better than I have ever been. Some people may be blessed enough to leave their house most days feeling beautiful and completely confident that their hair looks great and their outfit fits perfectly. But for those of you who don’t, just remember this one last lesson. An outfit can never make you beautiful, but you can always make any outfit beautiful! If you wear that bad hair day with confidence, no one will ever notice…including you!

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